September 3, 2019 through March 31, 2020


4:30-6:30pm   Open Gym

5:30-6:30pm Level 1 tumbling

7-8pm Level 2,3 tumbling

(no class September 23, December 16, December 23, January 20, February 17, March 9)  


5-6pm  Level  4,5,6 tumbling

 (no class September 25, December 25, January 1)


4-5:30pm  Future Worlds Athletes

This class will be held bi-weekly September through March.  Call for details


 Contact us at 763.512.1638 or by email at for a complete schedule of all our classes and programs.



Level 1 tumbling - this class is for the beginning tumbler working on forward/backward rolls, front and back walkovers, cartwheels and round-offs

Level 2 tumbling  - this class is for those working on back handsprings

Level 3 tumbling -  this class is for those working on standing back tucks, punch fronts and all running tumbling incorporating a back tuck

Level 4  tumbling - this class will focus on layouts and specialty passes

Level 5 tumbling - this class will focus on full twists and specialty passes

Level 6 tumbling - this class will focus on double fulls and specialty passes 

Elementary, Middle School and High School group tumbling - Bring a small group or bring your whole team, at a time designated just for you! (Call to schedule)

Open Gym - a supervised session for those interested in working on tumbling, jumps and stunts

Intro to All Stars (Tiny's ages 4-6)  (Youth ages 7-10)  (Seniors ages 11 and older) This is a beginning cheer class that teaches basic cheer skills in a non competitive environment. (Great for those interested in preparing for our All Star Team program)

Level 6 stunt - This is a supervised session for those working level 6 skills

"Future Worlds Athletes" class - This class will work on stunting and tumbling skills at levels 4 and above. (Skill evaluation/approval is required, prior to participation)

Strength, Conditioning and flexibility - for all ages!  Focuses on techniques helpful for general flexibility, flyer flexibility and proper strength and conditioning techniques for tumbling


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