Level 1 tumbling - this class is for the beginning tumbler working on forward/backward rolls, front and back walkovers, cartwheels and round-offs.

Level 2 tumbling  - this class is for those working on back handsprings.

Level 3 tumbling -  this class is for those working on standing back tucks, punch fronts and all running tumbling incorporating a back tuck.

Level 4 and Level 5 tumbling - This class will focus on layouts, specialty passes and fulls. 

Elementary, Middle School and High School group tumbling - Bring a small group or bring your whole team, at a time designated just for you! (Call to schedule)

Open Gym - a supervised session for those interested in working on tumbling, jumps and stunts.

Intro to All Stars (Tiny's ages 4-6)  (Youth ages 7-10)  (Seniors ages 11 and older) This is a beginning cheer class that teaches basic cheer skills in a non competitive environment. (Great for those interested in preparing for our All Star Team program)

Level 6 stunt - This is a supervised session for those working level 6 skills.

Strength, Conditioning and flexibility - for all ages!  Focuses on techniques helpful for general flexibility, flyer flexibility and proper strength and conditioning techniques for tumbling.


September 10 through March 25 (No Open Gym  February 18, March 18)

 5-7pm OPEN GYM


January 7 through April 22 (no class February 18, March 18) 

6-7pm Intro to All Stars (Tiny's ages 4-6)

7-8pm Intro to All Stars (Seniors ages 11 and older)


September 4 through March 26  

4:30-5:30pm Levels 1,2 tumbling


September 5 through March 27 

5-6pm Levels 3,4,5 tumbling


January 9 through April 24 (no class March 20)

6-7pm  Intro to All Stars (Youth ages 7-10)